Flat Tire

We were driving from the north towards dawn town in Rio de Janeiro in the divisional commander’s car when a tropical storm began. We were already late for the gathering we were heading and the rain delayed us even more. To make things worse we had a flat tire and one of us in full uniform needed to fix the tire. Needless to say that the youngest one in the group got elected for the task and that was me.

I don’t know if it happens with everyone or just me, but I have never had a flat tire when I could take the time to calmly change it. It has always been in situations similar to the one lived in Rio.

We don’t schedule the setbacks of life, they happen unexpectedly and we are forced to react the best way we can. The truth is that none of us can really control the future. The most we can do is to try to prevent whatever misfortune by having a plan b like having the spear well available.

The advantage of the person that believes in God is that he or she is never alone to face the adverse or favorable situations. The heavenly father never abandons his believers, besides the brothers and sisters from the body of Christ who are always there to support.

Nevertheless we shouldn’t expect God to do what is up to us to do. Yes, we have to have faith but we shouldn’t become parasites of it. I could have stayed in the car complaining that God wasn’t taking good care of us or I could recognize that God had allowed me to have the knowledge, the strength and the tools to change that tire and accept the opportunity to face the rain and change it.

God blessed us and we did arrive at the desired event; you will also get there, believe it!

  • How has God helped you in difficult situations?

  • How has the brothers from the body of Christ supported you?

(The Sheppard always present, Psalm 23:1-4 – The brothers always present, Romans 12:4-6)



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