Unsharpened Pencil

During my elementary school days it was common to use graphite pencils, this wooden pencil with black lead inside. When the pencil was overly drooped or banged it was difficult to sharpen it because the graphite became broken from inside. The more the graphite was smashed inside the more difficult it was to maintain its tip.

It is interesting that the falls and blasts of life also destroy the inside of people. Many never succeed in life either personally or professionally exactly because they are damaged inside. The marks left by mistreatment, abuse or violence do not fade away easily and they surely inhibit and distort people’s performance.

When the pencil graphite became too ruined inside the only alternative was to throw it away in the garbage and use another one. Fortunately with people is different, they can be renewed and have their life fiber revitalized allowing the reestablishment of themselves.

The bible teaches that no matter how much life’s situations have traumatized us, God can restore us completely starting from the deepest of our inner being, healing every wound that might be there, till we become totally healed. This can happened with us and with others.

To know this reality changes the way we see ourselves and how we see others, for we begin to understand that people’s actions and reactions depend not only of the immediate present context but mostly of circumstances that have happened before in the past. To change our present actions and reactions we must deal with the previous facts that have originated them.

Our good heavenly Father is ready to start His healing work in us! Are we ready for him to begin healing us?

  • Which situations have wounded your life?

  • Which wounds do you need God to heal?

(The omniscience of the Father, Matthew 10:29-31 – A restauration prayer, Psalms 51:10-12)



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