Licorice Candy

One of the curiosities of having worked in various continents has been to try the culinary of distinct countries where we were appointed. It is interesting that people always think that the food from their own country is delicious although to the foreigner it may seem awful.

The truth is that we get used to the flavors of our childhood and these flavors become natural and accustomed to us despite seeming very estrange to the visitor. When I was a child my dad who is of Scandinavian background, use to share with my brothers and I licorice candy tablets that he received from Denmark. These sweets have a peculiar flavor that one really needs to grow up eating it in order to enjoy it.

The fact is that when I eat one of these candies the flavor takes me back to my childhood days when my father would give me some time in his busy agenda. Although for me it means to remember the caring and protecting presence of my father, to someone else it might just mean a strange repugnant flavor.

The body of Christ is formed by believers of completely distinct origins and experiences, this can be seen how some appreciate the traditional liturgy while others the contemporary one, how some prefer a more authoritative leadership while others a more participatory one, and how some desire a more intellectual worship while others a more emotional one, amongst many other differences.

Nevertheless we should never lose sight that what unites us is much stronger and important than what separates us. In Christ every believer has found salvation and new life, this discovery allows them to have true unity in the midst of abundant diversity. In Christ there is hope for all! To accept the differences and to embrace diversity is the natural result of all those that have found Christ as Savior.

  • Which foods do you prefer and which do you avoid?

  • When is that differences compromise the unity?

(Prayer for unity, John 17:20-21 – Expression of unity, Galatians 3:28-29)



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