Extra Life

One of the consequences of the past decades world’s informatization has been the proliferation of the video games. There are video games for all ages and preferences in all sorts of shapes and forms. All these games have something in common, the player must go through a course full of obstacles and challenges, if he fails in doing so he dies but if he succeeds he gets extra lives as bonus.

The player who dies can restart the game to reestablish his original position and once more face the same obstacles and challenges till he overcomes them all and advances to the next level. The games have different levels to be surpassed for the end to be reached and final victory won.

In these games the player’s extra lives depend entirely and exclusively upon his own capacity and ability to face and overcome the several obstacles and challenges. In the real world however there is no way to obtain life by self-effort, life in all of its forms is granted by God. The bible teaches that physical, spiritual and eternal lives are gifts from God to people.

While we received the physical life from our parents who transferred it to us from Adam and Eve who were originally created by God, the spiritual life we received from the sacrifice of Jesus in our place carried out through his death and resurrection. When we accept Christ as savior, beyond the spiritual live we also receive the fantastic bonus of eternal life, the everlasting company of God.

There is nothing we can do to deserve the abundant life that God has to give us but by his grace and mercy he hands it to us anyway. We must only accept and fully enjoy it expressing our respect and full appreciation to him. His victory is shared with us!

  • In which date were you born spiritually?

  • How do you show respect and gratitude to God?

(The gift of physical life, Genesis 2:7 – The gift of spiritual lie, Ephesians 2:1)



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