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The interior of the Brazilian northeast is a very dry and arid region making it very hard to prepare the land for plantation. For that reason they build small water reservoirs that might be able to retain some water from the scattered rains and in that way generate survival conditions to the population. Those able to capture the water might have a brighter future.


Once visiting the Boqueirão Corps in the state of Paraiba, exactly in that dry region, we were invited to visit the Corps Sergeant Major’s tomato plantation in his small farm. He pumped the water from the reservoir up the hill and by gravity made it spill back downwards zigzagging through his property. This allowed for his land to be irrigated and receive the needed humidity to grow tomatoes. Despite the dryness all around, there was life in the waters path and we were able to savor his beautiful and tasteful tomatoes.


One of the important consequences of the resurrection of Jesus is that it prompted the coming of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus lived on earth he lived amongst the disciples but not in them. The Holy Spirit however can be with them and inside of them. Christ’s resurrection power can now be inside of the believers.


Referring to the coming of the Holy Spirit, Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” This means that like the water irrigating that northeastern farm brought fertility to that dry land, the living water can bring life to the areas in our being that we allow it. Thanks to the resurrection of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit our being can be completely vivified, including the areas of our personal, academic and professional life.


  • Which areas of your life have you allowed the living water to irrigate?

  • Which areas of your life need to be vivified?


(Rivers of living water, John 7:38-39  –  The Holy Spirit in us, John 14:17-17)



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January 6, 2020

Mi familia se ríe de mí pues cuando camino o me paro, mantengo mi brazo y mano izquierda como si apuntase al suelo, manteniendo mi dedo índice extendido en dirección al piso y los dedos medio, anular y meñique doblados hacia la palma de mi mano. Lite...

November 18, 2019

Cuando queremos decir que todas las alternativas llegan al mismo destino normalmente usamos la expresión “todos los caminos conducen a Roma”.  De hecho, el imperio Romano que dominó el mundo de 27ac hasta 476dc, construyó más de 80 mil kilómetros de...

November 11, 2019

Mis papás iniciaron la obra del Ejército de Salvación en Portugal, entonces viví en Lisboa justamente en la época que sucedió la “revolución de los claveles”. Esa fue la revolución que el 25 de Abril de 1974 provocó la caída de la dictadura salazaris...

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Sobre mi

Soy oficial del Ejército de Salvación desde 1983 donde por la gracia de Dios he tenido la oportunidad de ocupar varias funciones pastorales, administrativas y de liderazgo en Sudamérica, Europa y África.

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