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There are people that live for work and others that work for living. While the first does it out of pleasure the second one does it out of necessity. It would seem that labor satisfaction is linked to the possibility of working in one’s field of gifts, abilities, and professional formation and if that is achieved, professional success would be guaranteed.

However, in a society like ours where people are most treasured for what they have rather than for who they are and where consumerism is extremely stimulated, people are induced to choose the lucrative careers over the vocational ones. The dilemma is therefore: to abandon the vocational profession for the financial gain, or to abandon the financial gain for the vocational profession?

The vocational profession and the financial gain rarely coincide and few are the ones who achieve it. The good news is that even without achieving it we don’t need to become slaves of the financial system, for the biblical teaching reveals that life’s plenitude is found not in seeking the professional success but in seeking the Kingdom of God. This knowledge doesn’t mean that we should accept any labor standard but that we should aspire for the best possible according to the Kingdom’s values.

The believer knows that more than working for a human boss or Company, he mainly works for God, his truthful Lord from whom he receives life, support and motivation to go on. Therefore every day is of profound personal satisfaction for the believer because regardless of his earthly employment he daily enjoys the grace and mercy from God and is energized to live linked to something that has eternal relevance. The believer has no dilemma for who to work, he knows that he does it for God!

  • Do you live for work or do you work for living?

  • What does you heavenly boss asks of you?

(The search for the Kingdom of God, Mathew 6:33 – The request from the divine boss, Micah 6:8)



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