Mother God

My mother died sixteen years ago but If there is something that I can still clearly remember from her is the way she would always be concerned for our health, her three boys. Having had a humble childhood lacking many things, she strove for her sons to grow up having more quality of life than she had had.

In a time when natural foods were not the trend and no one had yet heard of granolas, our mother would make us eat flakes of oat mixed with soya flower, with wheat germ and beer yeast, served with milk and sweetened with sugar cane molasses. That recipe was so strong that we called atomic bomb for it would keep us fed for the whole day.

This obstination for feeding surely came from the mother’s instinct which is the propeller for most of the mothers. From the beginning of pregnancy mothers learn to share their body with a small being growing inside of them and after birth they continue to share their body to feed the little one. Such deep tie isn’t broken even after the kids grow independent.

No example is as powerful as the mother’s care for its own child and this is exactly the example that the bible uses to talk about God’s care for his own, the bible asks: “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion of the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”

Different from the mother’s care, the divine one is timeless for it doesn’t become a past memory but a present reality to be continuously enjoyed. Therefore, we can be the object of God’s permanent care. Let’s allow him to take care of us.

  • Which care to you most miss from your mother?

  • Which care do you need to receive from God?

(God’s motherly care, Isaiah 49:15 – Nothing separates from the love of God, Romans 8:37-39)



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