Without Patches

Due to the great demand for children’s kindergartens when we were appointed in San Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, we remodeled the pastoral quarters next to the Army chapel into a preschool building and bought a small flat nearby to be the pastoral house.

Been a humble church, this endeavor meant that all of us needed to contribute and work very hard to make true the dream to become a church that would meet the needs of the community. After several financial campaigns and hard work, the dream became a reality. We were able to inaugurate the kindergarten and with the support from the city hall and the selfless salvationists, we started caring for 50 children per day.

The new preschool building ended up ok, but it could have resulted much better. If we had known how much the renovation would end up costing, we would probably have demolished the old house and build a new one instead of remodeling it. The thing is that renovations never turn out to be as good as something purposely built.

It is comforting to know that God the great architect, never intervenes in our life to patch it, but to recreate it. The new life that we can have in Christ is not a series of improvise adaptations but the unveiling of an original and predetermined plan. Therefore, his work on us never generates frustration but always satisfaction.

The eternal God who created the unexisting universe and shaped the formless earth can surely fix the chaos of our lives transforming it into something harmonious and meaningful. However, he doesn’t force us to it, he respects our free will and acts according to our invitation. Different from the São Gançalo renovations, the cost for this work has already been already on the cross.

  • Where do you have patches in your life?

  • When will you allow God to transform your reality?

(The inefficiency of the patches, Mark 2:21-22 – The efficiency of the rebirth, 2 Corinthians 5:17-18)



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