One of the appointments I’ve held in the Salvation Army has been Public Relations Secretary. In this position the officer has basically to care for the communication and fund-raising programs. The objective is to design campaigns to increase the quantity of donors and quality of their contributions.

It was common that at the end of the fiscal year companies would hurry to make their donations in time to deduct it from the respective taxes. The sad was that some of them would be willing to make generous donations if the Army would grant them receipts twice the value to be donated. Evidently, we never agreed to that practice for honesty and transparency are non-negotiable objectives of the Army.

Unfortunately, the dishonest greed is a cancer that corrupts people and organizations that can even affect the believers and the Church. It is important to understand that the true Christian can’t allow to be contaminated by this sinful practice and must always be vigilant against this kind of temptation. To ride the public transport without paying it or to overprice governmental contracts are both faulty advantages that can’t be accepted.

Nothing dishonors God more and denigrates the reputation of the believers and church than the hypocritical behavior, which from one side shows lots of integrity, but from another reveals much corruption. The only way to avoid this kind of conduct is to follow Jesus in all and every circumstance filtering all situations in the light of the word of God.

Regardless of how strong the corruptive pressures of the surroundings are, the bible teaches that we can be faultless if we just allow the power of God to fully operate in us. More that honestly, God enables us to live holily.

  • Which undue advantages the surroundings pressures you to have?

  • How should you stand in face of corruption?

(The exemplary conduct, 1 Timothy 3:8-9 – The faultless conduct, Jude 1:24-25)



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