Like an envelope

My father is from a time when man did not help with domestic tasks and got very little involved in caring for the children, therefore these tasks fell almost exclusively on my mother. In those days it was expected that the paternal participation would focus on providing for the family and disciplining the home.

Maybe that’s why it stayed so vivid in my memory the rare moment when my father taught me how to make my bed, putting the sheets, the blanket and the duvet. For the bottom corner of the bed to stay nice he used to say: “you have to fold the sheets and blanket together like an envelope”. Up to this day when I make the corner of my bed, his words still come back to my mind.

How nice that in the modern world men are beginning to understand that, if all get the house dirty, all should share the responsibility to clean it up, if all eat, all should share the responsibility to cook, and if the children are from both parents, both should share the responsibility to care for them.

The domestics tasks aren’t exclusively for women, these responsibilities belong to all who live under the same roof. The children’s education is not a task exclusively for the school or the state, this is a task for both parents, for mom and dad.

Despite being from a very sexist time, I praise God that my father took time and was able to teach me how to make my bed. This helped me to understand this and other life’s responsibilities that I must assume. The Christian father isn’t led by the decaying values of society, but by the elevated values of the Kingdom of God, including the responsibility for domestic tasks.

  • Which task do you remember having learned from your father?

  • Which values do you want to pass on to your children?

(Share the loads, Galatians 6:2-3 – Teach the children, Deuteronomy 6:6-7)



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