In life and in death

Being a Salvation Army leader, it is common for me to have to speak at the officers’ funerals bringing a biblical reflection related to the occasion. I face this task with great respect and consider it a tremendous honor, privilege and pleasure. After all, as the scripture says, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants”.

Something recently happened to me which has never occurred before, within a week difference I participated of two retired officers’ funerals. In one week the funeral of an 87 years old wife and in the following week the funeral of her 90 years old husband. A marriage that despite the natural age difficulties managed to stay together in life and in death.

Sixty-five years before this couple made its vows before God, the church and the family promising to stay together till death would set them apart. In their case however not even death could separate them, for both died together. In our days however this reality has sadly become the exception for the rule now is “together till it happens the first disagreement with each other”.

It is impossible to imagine that a marriage would survive for so long without misunderstandings, disagreements and disappointments, these surely exist and are inevitable, but it is admirable to note how they manage to overcome it. They did it putting God first and each other secondly.

To build a happy and lasting marriage requires for those involved to learn the summary made by Jesus about the law and the prophets when he said that we should “Love God first place and our neighbor as ourselves afterwards”. This rule works for all human relations, including the marital one. Let us try it out!

  • How long should a marriage last?

  • How can you overcome the relational difficulties?

The summary of the law and prophets, Mathew22:36-39 – The true love, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7)



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