Invisible Elephant

The first time we visited a safari park was the “Kruger Park” in South Africa. We lived in the neighboring country Mozambique, and the park was near the frontier about 100 kilometers from our house in Maputo. Our expectation to go to this park was daily growing as well as our anxiety to meet the exuberant African fauna.

The expected day finally arrived, and we travelled to tour the park. Despite its beautiful landscape the first impression somewhat frustrated us for we could barely see the animals. Maybe an elephant here and a giraffe over there, but nothing more. What had happened to the animals that we couldn’t see them?

After a couple of hours, we understood that the problem was not the absence of the animals but our unprepared vision. We had to accustom to look through the bushes and leaves to see what was behind, and when we managed to do so, we realized the immense quantity of animal life everywhere.

This experience has made me understand why some people can see God everywhere while others see Him nowhere. It is not that God isn’t there, He is! The issue is that we don’t recognize Him. When we accustom our spiritual eyes to see Him, we realize that God is indeed there and everywhere.

How nice it is when we adjust our vision and realize that behind everything there is a God creator who loves us deeply and wants to reveal Himself to us. If we don’t seek him, we are left with the existing bushes and thorns without enjoying the abundant life that He has for us. May we be able to say the same words of Job from the Old Testament: “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you”.

  • Through which situations do you see God?

  • When is it harder for you to recognize the heavenly Father?

(God everywhere, Psalms 139:7-10 – God nowhere, Job 23:3 and 8-9)



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