Last week there was a solar eclipse in Chile. This phenomenon happens when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, hiding partially or completely the suns view from people looking from Earth. Because this phenomenon occurs only every 15 years, people were curious and anxious to watch it.

The media announced the arrival of the eclipse with the same enthusiasm that they recommended that spectators interested in watching it should only looked at the sun using special dark lenses to avoid any harm to their vision, for looking straight to the sun without this kind of protection can cause blindness.

If the sun with all its brightness is only one of the several created luminaries, how would the splendor of the Creator of the universe look like? It came to my mind that situation when Moses wanted to see Gods glory, but God didn’t allow him for its intensity would have been too great for him to stand.

To realize the magnitude of Gods splendor helps us to understand our own place and purpose in the creation context. It is important to understand that we are part of a whole with life and meaning and that we are not the random result. We are the fruit of a detailed divine plan whose Creator has every aspect under His control and authority.

Despite the seldom occurrence of the sun’s eclipse, it is wonderful that we can daily enjoy its light and warmth so important to dissipate our shadows impeding that we freeze. Likewise, we can see God through Jesus Christ to have the clarity and sensibility to enjoy life in total harmony. If we look at the Creator with the due reverence our perspective of the horizon will always be the most perfect one.

  • Which is your purpose as part of creation?

  • How does the creator influence your life?

(The unbearable glory of God, Exodos 33:20-23 – The visible glory of God, John 12:44-45)



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