So close and so far

Inlaid in the exuberant nature between the exotic mountains and beaches of the southern Brazilian coast there is the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro. In one of its mountains, the “Corcovado”, its seen one of the most spectacular and known sceneries of the planet, the statue of “Christ Redeemer”.

Two million people come every year from all over the world to visit this beautiful statue that measures 38 meters high and is built on peak 700 meters over the see level. The Rio residents are privileged for all they need to is to look up to have a glimpse of the Christ.

Curiously, in the neighboring city of Niteroi only 30 kilometers away from the Corcovado, there are people who have never visited the statue or even seen it from the distance. How can some come from so far away to see the Christ statue while others being so close have never seen it?

Sadly, this reality not only happens in relation to this famous touristic sight but also in relation to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself. What a pity when only the people coming from the worse sinful origins of life come to Jesus for salvation, while others from inside the church ignore him and reject his grace. It is a nonsense to observe the ones from so far away getting near while the ones from so near get so far away.

The truth however is that the personal relationship with Jesus Christ is vital for the reconciliation with God the father and that doesn’t depend on our origin but our attitude. All those who come to the Son of God with repentance and faith receive from him forgiveness for sin and salvation. Our Redeemer is not a statue to be admire but a living God to be adored.

  • How is your relationship with Jesus Christ?

  • What is the difference between to admire and to adore?

(Near but far away, John 14:9 – Far away but near, Mathew 21:32)



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