Gold Medal

At every four years in the previous year of the Summer Olympic Games, the Pan American games take place. In this 2019 edition in Lima, Peru, the record number of 6680 athletes coming from 41 countries are competing in 39 different events in search for victory.

One gets marveled by the high athletic level of the competitors and their incredible ability of execute their modalities. The fastest, the strongest and the most skillful are rewarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. While so, the supporters vibrate watching their favorite athletes and teams feeling all the emotions of their victories and defeats.

It is not unusual that this competitive atmosphere be transferred to our daily living influencing our mind to think that if we surpass the others, we are okay. Maybe that might make some sense in the sports, academic or even the professional world, but in the spiritual realm it is different.

While in the sports competitions one competes with the other, in the spiritual sphere one competes with itself. To beat the other doesn’t mean spiritual victory, but to beat itself yes! There is a difference in reaching a position above the average or reaching the most excellent position. The word of God teaches that the most excellent target is to grow into Christ’s stature, therefore the objective is not to be better than the other but to be like Jesus.

In each one of us resides the ability to choose the target to be followed. We can follow the will of God expressed in the bible or ignore it. When we voluntarily refrain from our own desires and strive towards doing God’s will in the several decisions we daily have to make, we move towards overcoming our own self and to growing like Christ. This is the gold we should yearn for!

  • What’s the difference between average and excellence?

  • How do you strive to overcome yourself?

(To be like Christ, Ephesians 4:11-13 – To live like Christ, Luke 22:24-26)



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