My eyes see you

Recently an officer friend invited us for a special meal, a “curanto” afternoon in the Salvation Army camp in Santiago. The “curanto” is a Chilean typical dish which contains potatoes, chicken, smoked pork ribs, sausage and mussels, all cooked in one sole pan producing a spectacular flavor. If you haven’t tasted it, I recommended it to you.

During this tasty afternoon an interesting situation happened, our host’s granddaughter of only 3 years of age asked her mother who was also present, if she could go play further away. The mom’s answer called my attention and made me think; the mother answered her daughter saying: “go where my eyes can see you”.

Afterwards I noticed that the little one was distancing herself but always looking to see if her mom could still see her. This child learned a tremendous lesson which many times costs us as adults to understand, which is never to distant ourselves from the presence of the heavenly father.

Many times, we as children of God test the limits just as children; instead of prioritizing to stay in the presence of the Father we risk experimenting how further away from Him we can go without falling. This irresponsible attitude exposes us to dangerous situation that can compromise our spiritual integrity. For example, when we get carried by our pride, carnality, or materialism.

Nevertheless, the most important thing to know is that our heavenly Father always has a place for us at the table. No matter how far we have distant ourselves and gotten lost, He is always with his arms opened and willing to receive us, forgive and care for us. There isn’t a meal that can compare to the divine banquet prepared for us with maximum affection by the one who loves us the most.

  • Which situations distant you from the heavenly Father?

  • What can you do to take your place at the Father’s table?

(The children and the Master, Mathew 18:2-5 – The son in the Father’s table, Luke 15:22-24)



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