Chile is one of the most seismic countries in the world, there are more earthquakes and temblors here than in any other part of the planet. In fact, the strongest earthquake ever registered in history happened in Valdivia, south of Chile, marking 9,5 in the Richter scale. Despite the frequency of this shakes, one never gets totally used to them and still gets terrified when it happens.

The earthquakes happen due to the natural adjustment of the tectonic plaques that move in opposite directions underneath the ground liberating the energy that makes the earth suddenly jerk. In this case, the plaques in friction pressing each other are the Nazca and the South American plaques. Although this phenomenon happens deeply underground it is strongly felt in the surface.

To coexist in this reality the population has been trained to react safely without panicking and the building code has been perfected to withhold potential strong movements. When these precautions are observed, the earthquakes’ consequences are minimized leaving no significant destruction.

Similarly, the New Testament teaches that in the depths of our being as Christians there are opposite interests that many times collide producing an internal earthquake that affects our life. In one side, a new spiritual being aiming for the things from above and on the other, a being that remains carnal and continues to aspire for the earthly things.

To avoid the destruction that this earthquake can produce, it is necessary to learn about our new nature in Christ and adopt a life building code that includes this new learning in our daily living. That is, to adopt a life practice that seeks to perceive and deal with our human limitations but also that glimpses and feeds our spiritual possibilities.

• When and how do you feel the internal earthquake?

• Which of your carnal interests collide with your spiritual ones?

(Mixed feelings, Romans 7:17-20 – Elevated feelings, Isaiah 55:7-9)



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