Due to its importance, the Amazon region has always been in the center of the international discussions, be it for the controversial exploitation of its countless natural resources or for its significance for the planet’s climate balance. Surely what happens there affects directly or indirectly the whole earth globe.

The historic records tell that it was the Spaniard Francisco Orellana who around the year 1.540 named the river as Amazon which later also designated the region. Going down the river during an expedition, he faced a women warrior tribe which he associated and identified with the ancient Amazon warriors from the eastern mythology and named them after it. Which means that there has been half a century of recorded conflicts for the occupation and exploitation of the Amazon.

Curiously men can show so much regard for nature to the point of fiercely fighting for it and at the same time show total disregard for its Creator to the point of completely ignoring Him. Such attitude also happens in the Christian midst when Christianity is lived without Christ, when the personal interests of Christians become greater than the interests of the Christ they follow.

The aspired sustainable development will always be at risk if the universe’s Creator be excluded from the plans to draw it. The truth is that the good intentions from men are always hindered by their own sinful nature which distant them from the communitarian concerns making prevail their personal ones.

Like the manufacturer’s manual the Bible has the main instructions from the Creator to His creation. It is up to Christians to daily live these teachings in their own contexts, showing that men and women were created in the image and resemblance of God to govern nature and not be governed by it.

  • Which is the Amazon in your neighborhood?

  • How can you help the decision makers of your region?

(Created to govern, Genesis 1:27-28 – Illuminated to enlighten, Mathew 5:15-16)



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