Snow White’s stepmother and us

There is an interesting parallel between the magic mirror from the Snow White’s fairy tale and the Sacred Scriptures. In the tale, the mirror always answered the Snow Withe’s stepmother with the absolute truth and that is how the Bible answers every one of our quests.

Wanting to know if there was anyone prettier than her, Snow White’s stepmother would always ask her mirror: Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? When the mirror, who always answered in her favor said that Snow White had surpassed her, she became very angry and wanted to kill her.

My relationship with the mirror has not been so drastic, but I remember during my teenage years becoming extremely happy when the mirror reveled the first beard hair in my face. What a joy! It meant that I was becoming a man. It was not so joyful when years later the mirror revealed the first white hair in my beard for it meant that the man was now becoming old.

More than a mirror that can reveal our exterior aspects, the Bible is capable to reveal who we are inside, it can reveal the circumstance of our soul. When we read and meditate in the Sacred Scriptures, it reveals the reality of our situation exposing the intentions of our heart. There is no way to hide our imperfections when we face it.

Different from the Snow White’s stepmother’s mirror, the divine one reveals more than our real situation, it reveals what we should do to deal with it and improve it. Different from the stepmother, we don’t need to refuse the revealed truth, but we can follow its orientations knowing that the Heavenly Father always has the best for us. It is always worthwhile to look at this mirror.

  • What has the mirror revealed about your appearance?

  • What has the Bible revealed about your person?

(The Word of God as a mirror, James 1:23-24 – The Word of God as a sword, Hebrews 4:12)



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