While in the south begins spring, in the north begins fall, and when in the south starts the summer, in the north starts the winter. That is how the annual cycle of seasons happens in the several regions of the planet. With people it is not much different, while some smile others cry, and when some rejoice others sadden, and that’s how life goes on.

Spring is the season in which nature reveals the power and beauty of life, the animal world procreates and the vegetal world flourishes. No other period of the year presents us with so much hope!

Nevertheless there are situations that are similar to long and unending winters when the weeping goes on endlessly. These are the tough set backs that deeply and strongly shake us up at the personal and collective levels. Maybe a big disappointment, an irreparable mistake, or a painful loss.

Between Chile and Bolivia there is the Atacama Desert, considered the most arid one in the world, that is, in this place the life conditions are practically zero, the precipitations are almost null, the daily heat is excessive and the night coldness is freezing. Even so, there is an infrequent but very interesting phenomenon which, against all odds, changes the desert scenery. These are the extremely rare times when the rain falls, scarcely perhaps, but enough to make the desert flourish.

One of the most extraordinary teachings of the Bible tells that the person who believes in God has a river of living water flowing inside of him, transforming any trace of death in abundant life. To avoid our heart to become arid we need to believe in God! To impede our surroundings to become a desert we must have faith in God to take care for the creation that He has granted us with! Have a happy spring!

  • Which situations bring dryness to your life?

  • Which areas of your life need to be watered by God?

(Waters that quenches the thirst, Isaiah 58:11 – Rivers that water the believer, John 7:37-38)



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