Update Needed

In our days there is an activity that did not exist in the past, it is the updating of the electronic applications in our cellular phones, tablets or computers. These electronic structures go thorough constant improvements in order to perfect its functionalities to stay relevant to face modern requirements.

When these applications don’t receive the due update content, their use become limited generating faulty performance. To avoid this malfunction, the user must connect his devise to the network to receive the update from the app’s provider.

Interesting that God has acted towards humanity in similar manner, first he launched the creation update when He blew life into Adam and Eve, soon after provided the fall update when because of their disobedience He expelled them from the garden, then He launched the redemption update when He sent Jesus Christ to die in the cross to save humanity.

It is important for the Christian to receive and understand all the information contained in these divine updates in order to know how to live in the present world, for to stay with part of the information only can induce to several unnecessary mistakes.

For example, if we only stick to the creation and fall of the Old Testament, we became overly ceremonial and legalistic, without noticing that this period is already gone. It’s fundamental to understand that we are in the New Testament, God has already sent Jesus Christ, we can now receive His grace and mercy as well as share it with others.

To be a believer it is not to be a troglodyte who, to any novelty reacts to society’s progress calling for the wrath of God, but like salt and light to be an agent of transformation, intentionally influencing the community to move forward under the grace and mercy of God.

  • How can you keep updated by God?

  • What can you do to influence your community to healthily advance?

(Jesus is the present revelation of God, Hebrews 1:1-2 – Jesus is the standard to be lived, Colossians 3:16-17)



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