Stone or Window

One of the bad amusements of naughty children is to through stones at windows and then run not to be seen or to get caught. During my childhood I must recognize that a couple of times I did participate in this malicious action, but afterwards I did realize that this immature behavior was not compatible with the Christ I wanted to follow.

In the world of adults is not much different, for whatever reason it’s easy for us to throw malicious criticism to others’ actions but we don’t appreciate receiving the same criticism to our own doings. The truth is that like stones, the malicious criticism has great destructive power and its use resembles the employment of guns.

The main users of this destructive arsenal are the politicians who throw stones at their opponents without considering the validity of the different arguments. Regardless of what it is, the ones from left wing throw stones at the ones from right wing and similarly the ones from the right throw stones at the ones from the left. The said thing is that this kind of behavior infects all other groups of society.

Nevertheless, it is to this context that Christians are called to be windows and not stones. They are called to demonstrate, through their lives and actions, the values of the kingdom of God without aggressions to others. Knowing that it is from the Devil that comes the accusations but from the Holy Spirit the convincing, Christians assume their position as showcases of society without fear to receive some stones.

Christian refute anonymity and camouflage for they work visibly for the construction of the kingdom of God, being like windows and never as stones. To throw stones brings destruction but to stay visible in the showcase allows for the way forward to be exhibit.

  • When have you being like stone and when as window?

  • What showcase is needed in your community?

(Immaturity of a child, 1 Corinthians 13:11 – Maturity of an adult, 1 Timothy, 4:12)



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