Are you from the left or right?

The concept of left and right comes from the French revolution period at the end of the 18th century. Those from the right were the parliamentarian group that sat at the right of the National Assembly’s president and defended the more conservative and traditionalist’s ideals and laws. On the other hand, those from the left were the parliamentarian group that sat at the left of the president and defended the popular proposals and more radical changes to society.

Broadly speaking, in our present days the right tends to defend the free market with less State intervention, while the left tends to defend market regulation with a more interventionist State. Evidently there are advantages and disadvantages as well as good and bad politicians on both sides.

One could ask, in which side of the political spectrum should Christians position themselves, left or right? The truth is that Christians must position themselves where their conscience indicates, and that can be at the left or at the right, but always without compromising the Kingdom of God’s values.

Whatever the adopted position is, the believer’s challenge is not to be fouled by the political demagogy and to understand the profound biblical themes that should be part of the agenda of all those who truly seek to build the society in which they live. Amongst others, themes like life’s dignity, social justice, gender equity and the protection of the vulnerable ones.

What cannot happen is to remain indifferent without getting involved with these themes, letting others do what should be done by oneself. The believer must learn to pray, but also to work for the Kingdom, getting profoundly involved in the construction of its own community.

  • What positive and negative things do you see in the left and right?

  • When and how do you promote the Kingdom’s values in your community?

(The true mission, Luke 4:18-19 – The true religion, James 1:27)



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