Social Turbulence

During these days the media has shown huge popular manifestations happening in different parts of the world with people invading the streets of their cities forming gigantic marches of protests. Last week we lived this dramatic situation here in Chile with government declaring state of emergency and curfew at night.

Surely there are many reasons for these mobilizations but at the root of all of them is the old injustice that many live with nothing while few live with all. This imbalance generates strong dissatisfaction from people with their government leaders’ passiveness to correct it.

Sadly, some opportunists with malicious intentions always take advantage from this type of situations to disrupt the pacific protests and terrify the innocent people looting and burning down the commerce. When we live this kind of social convulsion our being naturally gets filed with anxiety and fear.

Interesting that in the book of Judges in the Old Testament, we read that Joshua made an altar and called it “Jehovah Shalom” which means “the Lord is our Peace”. What’s remarkable is that this altar and declaration happened before his impressive victory with the 300 Israelites over the immense Midianite army. That is, knowing that he would go to war with one of the most powerful armies of the time, he said “the Lord is our Peace”. Therefore, peace is not the absence of conflicts, peace is the presence of God!

Regardless of the turbulence that we must face, if our life is in God’s hands, we can face it without fear. What we mustn’t do is to try to face life’s conflicts alone, for we can do it with the help of God, the “Jehovah Shalom”, the Lord who is our Peace.

  • When does social situations frightens you?

  • Which battles do you need God to help you face?

(To pay fair salaries, Deuteronomy 24:14-15 – To find peace in God, Judges 6:23-24)



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