Luthers Wanted

The Germain Martin Luther became mainly known for having published nighty five theses produced against the Catholic Church’s position at the end of October 1517. His theses became the theological base for the Protestant Reform which followed. What it is curious is that he was only 34 when he wrote that document.

Although this was an extraordinary event and of fundamental importance to the Christian Church, it was not his only achievement. At 39 he finished the first translation of the New Testament into Germain directly from Greek, and at 51 he finished the first translation of the Old Testament into Germain directly from Hebrew. As soon as the New Testament was completed, he published it in pocket size to enable common people to have access to the biblical truths.

Certainly, our days call for young people that will propose better ways for the future based on the deep knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures. Sadly, the pseudo knowledge has made too much damaged to the Church as well as to society, for ignorance invariably leads to error.

It is not by chance or coincidence that nations that have observed the fundaments of the Reform possess superior development indexes than others. These fundaments are no other than the biblical truths correctly interpreted. When we follow these truths, God receives the deserved adoration, people the due respect, and the inequalities are reduced making coexistence more pleasant.

Once Jesus told the Jews that “they would know the truth, and the truth would set them free”. As knowing the letters frees from textual ignorance or to knowing nutrition frees from the alimentary ignorance, to know Jesus who is the way the truth and the life, frees from all and every oppressive chain. Luther knew that and publicized it, now it is our turn.

  • How do you evaluate your biblical knowledge?

  • How does your bible knowledge help the others?

(The ignorance that imprisons, Mathew 22:29 – The truth that frees, John 8:38)



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