Sliding Ring

My family makes fun of me because when I walk or stand, I keep my left arm and hand pointing down towards the ground, keeping my index finger pointing the pavement and the middle, ring and pinky fingers bent towards the palm of my hand. Literally as if I am pointing the floor.

I acquired this habit when my wife and I decided to change our previous marriage rings for newer and bigger ones to match the growth of our fingers due to weight gain that happened with time. Foreseeing the future body growth, we bought bigger rings, the problem was that mine stayed too loose and for the ring not to slide out of my finger I was forced to walk with my fingers bent.

Despite the fact that initially I would intentionally do that not to lose my ring, fact is that to bent my fingers became something I unconsciously do and that became my natural posture.

Although the bible teaches that marriage is an exclusive and lifelong union between a man and a woman, this understanding has changed in our days and those that seek to follow the biblical orientation are caught in a sliding ring. Sadly, many people fall in the modern trap that stimulates the spouse betrayal and its substitution and even more, the outsourcing of the children upbringing.

To care for my marriage implies much more than to walk with my fingers bent for my ring not to fall, it means to adopt the biblical standard as a goal for my own marriage, building with my wife a healthy and pleasant relationship that will last till death.

For those that have experienced a divorce this might seem a utopia, but the God of grace and mercy is an specialist in forgiveness and in transforming the impossible in reality. Believe it!

What do you think can destroy a marriage?

What do you think can build a marriage?

(The matrimonial way, Genesis 2:23-25 – The relational secret, 1 Corinthians 13:4-6)



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